How do i know which Max product to use?

Which Product to Use When?
This is a common question, especially from new customers or Associates. Here is a simple guide. Recommending our Max products is simple! We just say Try and See.

Cellgevity is the answer for almost all issues. At least 95%. If you start with Cellgevity you won’t go wrong. 2 capsules morning and 2 evening. Most people will do perfectly on Cellgevity. There is usually no need for anything else unless the person can afford additional products and wants to maximize their good health. Cellgevity helps every cell in the body produce glutathione.

Add N-Fuze to help Cellgevity work better, good for everyone except diabetic patients. N-Fuze provides all of the vitamins and nutrients we would get from 20,000 calories of food in just 10 calories.

Add ATP to Cellgevity for extra mental clarity, energy, and stamina. ATP is a Performance Drink to improve mental and physical performance.
Many people take all 3 - Cellgevity, N-Fuze and ATP. Taking all 3 products is a good idea if it is affordable for the user and if they want to maximize their health benefits.

MaxOne is pure RiboCeine and is available in Nigeria. MaxOne is used instead of Cellgevity for young children (based on the parents decision), or if someone has a food sensitivity to ingredients in Cellgevity, or it can be added to Cellgevity if there is a severe health condition that needs more RiboCeine than the regular dose of Cellgevity.

Jolli & Franklin Amadike
(Max Associates)